About the founder

Welcome to K.R. Goat & Sheep Training Farm, Mr. Basavaraj is the Founder of this farm. He was born and brought up in a farmer family and has a very good knowledge of all types of agriculture works, Animal husbandry and Sheep and goat farming.

He started K.R. Goat & Sheep Training Farm with a primary aim to assist local villages to develop on their goat farming techniques, breeding practices, better & higher quality sheep, better feed management, and thereby to ensure better income-earning capability.

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Our Mission is to develop an organized Goat – Sheep training to give sustainable resources to small farmers. We Introduce new and innovative methods supporting the agriculture that helps establish an organized goat sheep industry.


Commercial sheep operations supplying meat and wool are usually either “range band flocks” or “farm flocks”. The availability of fodder is one of the limiting factors in animal husbandry. Organic husbandry should be mainly based on the fodder produced on the farm itself. Most of the dairy animals in India are reared on crop residues

Different types of breed

K.R. Goat & Sheep Training Farm supply the different types of Sheep and Goat breeds

Goat breeds

  • Osmanabadi

  • Beetal

  • Sirohi

  • Jamunapari

  • Barbari

  • Tellicherry

  • Surti

  • Boer

Indian Sheep breeds

  • Bandur/Bannur

  • NARI Suvarna

  • Deccani

  • Bellary

  • Hassan

  • Kenguri

  • Rambouillet

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Let’s Connect

We are always available and ready to provide you all kinds of service for goat sheep training activities.

You can always contact us for all kinds of requirements and services regarding the goat sheep farming, Training And Exposure programs, commercial Training on goat sheep farming, goat farming Consultancy, machinery, tools, farm equipment, breeding stock, and other related things.

Our offices

Address 1


#16 Garden Road, ITI Layout,
Nayandahalli, Bangalore-560039

Address 2


Mandya Koppallu village, Arakere hobali,
taluk, Srirangapatna Mandya district
Karnataka, India Pin Code – 571415