About Us

Welcome to K.R. Goat & Sheep Training Farm, Mr. Basavaraj is the Founder of this farm. He was born and brought up in a farmer family and has a very good knowledge of all types of agriculture works, Animal husbandry and Sheep and goat farming.

He started K.R. Goat & Sheep Training Farm with a primary aim to assist local villages to develop on their goat farming techniques, breeding practices, better & higher quality sheep, better feed management, and thereby to ensure better income-earning capability.


We conduct sheep and goat farming/breeding training program in Bengaluru, Mandya, and Mysuru. Farm construction, sheep and goat breeds supply, supply of feed machinery, chaff cutter and farm equipment, complete farm set up for starting up a new goat and sheep farming business for the beginners who want to start a project from scratch to end through our guidance positively. Over years of research and practical experience, we are well expertise in this business done multiple result oriented projects all over India for the maximum yield, productivity, and growth of farmers by applying innovative technology to date.


We supply various farm equipment for sheep and goat farming like portable feeding barn, portable sheds, Silage, Silage bags, Fodder seeds, Automatic drinker bowls, automatic feeders, ear tags, RFID ear tags, Feed machines, Hydroponic fodder machines, veterinary medicines, exhaust fans, cooling pads, Feeds, silage making machines, silage compactor machines, silage making hydraulic machines, silage baler machines, drenching guns, hoof trimmers, automatic vaccinators, LED lights, FRP sections, FRP channels, Feed pellet making machines, pulverizing machines, hydroponic fodder trays, silage bunker, silos bin, fodder box, feeder trays, drinker box, portable drinker box with racks, double-sided standing water trough, portable hay feeder with a rack, hook hay rack, portable hay rack, wheelbarrows for green fodder, plastic slatted flooring, veterinary medicines, fodder seeds, nutritional feeds, Chaff cutters plastic slatted flooring, chain link, barbed wire, and solar fencings, etc.


On a contract basis, we do farm set up for starting up a Result oriented scientific stall-fed sheep and goat farms. Over years of experience, we do turnkey projects professionally for establishing a commercial Goat and Sheep Farm Projects globally for the farm beginners, where the quality and quantity retains the customers to achieve their assured returns based on their investment plans. And also, we supply all the necessary farming equipment, types of machinery, and accessories related to such projects round the clock in 360-degree directions.


We have specialized in constructing sheep and goat farm sheds for intensive and semi-intensive farms with the latest technologies of livestock farming. Over’s years of experience in the industry, in both large and modest scale, as many stalls fed goat and sheep projects were done in and almost in all states of India.

Our livestock housing shelters and infrastructures are explicitly designed to protect your livestock and increase profits by inviting an atmosphere that thrives in. Where the ample sunlight and natural ventilation assist in an extremely considerable reduction of moisture and bacteria, offering a healthier, fresher, cleaner, and more clinical environment which helps to promote rapid weight gain and reproductively by arresting the disease and mortality in live stocks.

We are worthy to say that K.R. sheep and goat farming training farm offer sound dampening quality sheep and goat sheds and equipment’s to keep your animals healthy and stress-free. and bacteria, offering a healthier, fresher, cleaner, and more clinical environment which helps to promote rapid weight gain and reproductively by arresting the disease and mortality in livestock.