Our Service

K.R. Goat & Sheep Training Farm offer various services in Goat and Sheep farming with a primary aim to assist local villages to develop on their goat farming techniques, breeding practices, better & higher quality sheep, better feed management, and thereby to ensure better income-earning capability. 

  • Sheep and goat farming training [Door step training service also available]
  • Subsidy loan-related work
  • High tech livestock farm builders and developers.
  • High tech farm shed builders and developers /Goat /Sheep Farms.
  • Breeders suppliers of pedigreed animals (All breeds of goat and sheep available)
  • Consultancy
  • Animals buyback facility
  • Seeds supply
  • Grass tumors supply
  • Shed construction work
  • Chaff cutter supply
  • Training manual book supply
  • Project report supply.
  • Financial management training.
  • Sub/side income source setup.

K.R. Sheep and Goat Farm Contract Services:

  • Goat and Sheep Farm Builders and Developers
  • Silage and Nutrition Feed Suppliers
  • Goat and sheep farms Shed construction work
  • Land fencing contractors
  • Livestock farm consultants
  • Veterinary medicine suppliers
  • Livestock fodder seeds suppliers
  • Dry fodder and silage suppliers
  • Livestock stall-fed Farm builders
  • Livestock meat of goat and sheep Suppliers
  • Breeders and suppliers of pedigreed livestock
  • Livestock hydroponic fodder machines suppliers
  • Livestock suppliers Feeders, drinkers, troughs, fodder cart, hay savers, hay racks, ear tags, applicators, etc.,
  • Prestressed concrete compound wall fencing, chain link fencing, barbed wire
  • Fencing, solar fencing
  • Frequent Updates
  • Complete Guidance
  • 360 Degree Service
  • Farming Easy and Simple
  • Your Label Our Quality
  • Quick Break Even Targets
  • Destination For Your search
  • Advanced Farming Technology


Normal sheep and goat shed over the ground

Elevated sheep and goat shed with wooden flooring

Elevated sheep and goat shed with plastic flooring

Sheep and goat shed with concrete flooring


We undertake the following contract activities for starting up and developing farm project

  • Site selection
  • Consultation on farming
  • Detailed training with practical exposures
  • Landscaping for fodder cultivation and developments
  • We construct and give you a high-tech shed with an elevated raised platform either wood or plastic with partitions inside for commercial farming based on the environment and locality.
  • Supply of fodder seeds, plants, and tree varieties
  • Supply of farming equipment’s, machines, applicators
  • Supply of feeder boxes and drinker boxes, hay racks, green fodder wheelbarrows for handling fodders
  • Supply of medicines and veterinary kits.
  • Supply of concentration feeds with weight gain formulas
  • Detailed training and complete guidance to run and maintain a business in a profitable and economical way


Training on farm management resupply of pedigreed animals for farming with a crystal clear healthy conditions

  1. Animal management
  2. Feeding managements
  3. Health managements like diagonalization of diseases and preventive control measures
  4. Nutrition Managements
  5. Breeding managements
  6. Kidding managements
  7. Weight gain managements
  8. Fodder management, etc.


By keeping track of current market development, we are into an offering of Farm Shed Fabrication Service. Our experts examine all the parameters associated with these services and excellently execute them. We are well expertise in fabricating Scientific Farm sheds for. Goat and sheep farms projects. Supporting farmers scientifically with the latest technologies for their maximum yield and productivity across India. Goats are generally resistant to diseases but some diseases are particularly like PPR, E Coli, FMD, Entero Toxemia. Therefore, prevention of the diseases is a must if Goat housing is designed scientifically animals will be 100% safe and hygienic so that it will have good fertility, immunity & productivity in housings it will enhance profits as we expect.

  1. Our Sheds will be designed scientifically based on aerodynamics, environment, climatic conditions and area for the success rate of farmers.
  2. Our farm sheds are made up of excellent quality ISI steel products which are easy to install & dismantle. Hence, our scientific designs increase the efficiency of the goats and sheep farms.
  3. The shed is made up of complete metallic structure from top to bottom treated with anticorrosion paints with polypropylene plastic flooring inside it.
  4. Plastic flooring will be of universal size 600 mm * 600 mm which give a good load barring capacity for their comforts level.
  5. Our plastic slatted flooring are made up of pure quality of polypropylene plastic having a first-grade raw material granule of PPEPS30R quality mixed with Anti-ageing agent along with UV Treated chemicals.
  6. Our sheds will have a excellent load barring capacity for the comfort of animals.
  7. No fear of slippery nature on plastic flooring to safeguard animals especially during pregnancy time period and off course for humans too while cleaning and also which is very easy to dismantle and assemble.
  8. Sheds will have cabins for each age group of animals with all feeding amenities with entry and exits which produce maximum yield and productivity.
  9. Our sheds can withstand extreme weather conditions like heat and a cold based on designing plans as well pricing with good resale value even later.
  10. Our PEB infrastructures will have a more extended life and durability.
  11. Racks and Feed troughs are provided to prevent feed wastages.
  12. Our sheds are of low cost and less maintenance required.
  13. Our designs will be producing the maximum yield and productivity also based on animal maintenance.
  14. The sheds will have a good resale value even after years later.
  15. The sheds can withstand extreme weather conditions based on designing plans as well pricing.


The productivity of sheep and goats is influenced by the type of shelter provided. There are various housings and floor designs that can be used depending on the production system employed and the local climate. Cost of construction, ease of cleaning, proper ventilation and drainage, and adequate lighting are important aspects to be considered in designing a house. Inner pens are needed for large flocks for proper handling and management, particularly controlled breeding. Proper handling of manure needs attention since it has health and economic benefits. The basic justification of livestock shelter is that it should alter or modify the environment for the benefit of animals enclosed in it. The animal shelter should normally buffer the extremes of climate to reduce peak stress in the housed animals. The main climatic factors from which protection is to be provided are high and low ambient temperatures, environmental humidity, solar radiation, winds, and rain. The sheep and goats are particularly protected from rain and wetness as these make them prone to pneumonia. The animal houses are designed to protect from extreme weather conditions. Excess heat is a major characteristic of some zones while others experience cold temperatures. Each situation has its requirements for the design and construction of optimum animal housing. The basic requirement of a good animal housing is that it should alter or modify the environment for the benefit of animals and also protect them from predation and theft. An animal housing should buffer the animal from climate extremes to reduce stress allowing optimal animal performance in terms of growth, health, and reproduction. The main climatic factors from which protection is needed are high and low ambient temperatures, environmental humidity, solar radiation, wind, and rain. Additionally, houses are important in protecting feed and equipment from damage, in saving labor, and in aiding effective management, including breeding. Sheep and goat housing should meet animal requirements and serve a producer’s needs.

Benefits of housing for various climatic zones & locality. Be strong enough to last a long time. Be large enough for the number of animals to be accommodated comfortably. Allow freedom of movement for all animals. Be well-drained or have well-maintained dry bedding and easy to clean. Sheep and goats do not tolerate mud well therefore, yards and shelters should be built only on well-drained ground. Receive morning sunshine evenly. Be well lighted and ventilated. Air circulation, dust levels, temperature, relative air humidity according to the climatic zone & locality, and gas concentrations should be at levels that will not harm animals. Have suitable isolation pens for sick or injured animals as far away from the main house as possible.